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    What Turbos Are Phoenix Boost Able To Repair?

    All turbochargers on the market are capable of being machined and rebuilt by Phoenix Boost, barring any catastrophic failure. We carry many different parts in stock for OEM and racing applications. Feel free to call-in, e-mail, or drop-by if you have any questions.

    Are There Any Kind Of Warranties For Turbos That Are Rebuilt/Serviced By Phoenix Boost?

    All turbochargers that are rebuilt by Phoenix Boost are covered under the original purchaser for 1 year from the date of service. Turbos that have been exposed to over boosting, oil starvation, overheating , improper cooling and contamination in oil filter and air will not be warranted. Phoenix boost reserves the right to service, replace or refund parts according to our professional judgement. We recommend using proper oil as required by car/ turbo manufacturer and performing oil changes when necessary.

    What Are The Pricing For Rebuild Services?

    Once your damaged turbocharger is received(dropped off or shipped), a $50 fee will be applied for tear down and inspection of turbo to determine the cause of failure and extent of damage. If customer authorizes repair, our basic rebuild services to original spec starts at $379 (dependent on the cause of failure and extent of damages). Basic rebuild service for ball-bearing/diesel turbos starts at $579 (dependent on the cause of failure and extent of damages).

    What Are The Payment/Shipping Policies?

    Phoenix Boost accepts all major credit cards, as well as cash if services are done in person. We also accept Snap Financing for payments, offering an affordable method to pay for repairs on a budget that you can pay over time. For credit card payments, all items must be shipped to the person, business and address that is associated with the credit card. If your name is not on the card, we unfortunately can not accept payment. When purchasing via card, please provide a valid number where you can be contacted if any issues occur during the process.