Receiving Your Turbo

Whether you’re local, across state lines or abroad, we make the process for getting you back on the road as easy and quickly as possible.

If you’re local to the tri-state area (Philly / New Jersey / Delaware). Feel free to stop in our facility during regular business hours of Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm.

When shipping your turbo to Phoenix Boost:
– Drain the turbo of all fluids
– Insert turbo into a plastic bag to prevent leftover fluid from leaking
– Place turbo and form inside of a STURDY shipping box
– Please use proper shipping materials


Once authorized, we’ll start the teardown process, inspect all internals, and begin repair work.

External housings, blades, and all internally lubricated components are checked for leaks, corrosion, chips and cracks.

All internal parts are replaced with factory spec replacement parts sourced directly from our US based manufacturers, so we are able to guarantee our product’s reliability with a 1 year and “no fault’’ warranty.

Our high speed balancer measures tolerances up to 0.001 inches to ensure the correct balancing of every turbo component.

Piston rings are replaced with our specially coated versions that allow for longer life and heavy abuse which is one of the many ways we differentiate us from other competitors.

Once your turbo is balanced, cleaned and fully assembled, the turbocharger will be ready for pick up in-house or shipped back to you once final payment is made.